Kelly Dale Anderson is Joni Mitchell’s Daughter: Get To Know Her

Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson is also another popular celebrity child whose fame is solely depending upon the accomplishments of her mother. Her mother earned huge fame in the music industry and her name is Joni Mitchell, whose real name is Roberta Joan Mitchell (née Anderson), is well known for her work in pop, rock, jazz, and classical music. Her songs often reflect her feelings about romance, disillusionment, womanhood, and joy. This article is about the daughter of Joni Michell, Kelly Dale Wiki. It has unveiled everything you should know about Kelly and her relationship with her mother.

How Old is Kelly Dale Anderson?

At the moment, Kelly Dale Anderson is 58 years old. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on February 19, 1965. Joni Mitchell, a singer, and Brad MacMath, a photographer, were Kelly’s real parents, but they gave her up for adoption shortly after she was born.

Kelly is a citizen of Canada, a member of the white ethnicity, and a devout Christian. While Kelly’s mother is well-known, little is known about her father.

Name Kelly Dale Anderson
Nickname Kilauren Gibb
Age 58 years
Date of Birth 19th February 1965
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Kelly Dale Anderson’s Birth Parents Gave Her Up For Adoption

Kelly Dale Anderson

Brad MacMath alongside Joni Mitchell

Due to difficulty and poverty, Kelly’s mother, Joni Mitchell, made the decision to place her for adoption as soon as she was born. Just so you know, Joni became pregnant in 1964 while she was a student of painting at Calgary’s Southern Alberta College of Technology.

Consequently, in addition to difficulties, the stigma of a young woman having a child outside of marriage and the biological father’s reluctance to assume parental duties led her to give Kelly up for adoption as soon as she was born.

Joni Mitchell further explained that she really lost everything while she was pregnant with Kelly in an interview about the reasons why she gave her away.

At the time, I was destitute with no job and no roof over my head. There weren’t even foster homes available at that time, because there was such a glut of unwed children.

Joni explained. So, to survive as well as continue with her education, she gave Kelly up for adoption.

Who Are Kelly’s Adoptive Parents

Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson and mother Joni Mitchell

David and Ida Gibb, a retired couple from Toronto who reside in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills, adopted Kelly Dale Anderson. Kilauren Gibb became Kelly’s new name after being adopted.

Kelly Anderson was educated well in the area’s top private schools while growing up in Don Mills. She had her elementary and high school educations at The Bishop Strachan School and George Brown College, respectively. She continued on to Harvard University in Boston and the University of Toronto, where she eventually received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Unfortunately, it is not known what classes she took.

How Did Kelly Dale Anderson and Joni Mitchell Reunite?

The claim and allegations that Joni gave her daughter up for adoption in order to further her musical career are refuted by Joni. She stated, “There was no career… You know, I was simply a folk singer. I suppose my voice was pleasant. I did play reasonably well, but there was no actual talent. It’s also noteworthy that Joni Mitchell’s parents insisted they were unaware of her pregnancy. They claimed that if they had known, they would have helped her.

Kelly Dale Anderson was unaware of who her birth parents were until she was 27. She was only given vague hints about her prior identity, and nothing concrete, so the search would also be difficult.

Kelly Dale Anderson and her mother Joni Mitchell

A few pieces of information about the circumstances surrounding Joni Mitchell when she gave her daughter up for adoption were posted online by her followers in 1992. When Kelly finally came upon the details, she was able to piece together their relationship. Also, she was able to advance in the search with the aid of her medical and adoption records.

In 1997, Kelly Mitchell and her mother Joni Mitchell had a reunion in Los Angeles. Kelly was 32 at the time, while Joni Mitchell was 54. In Joni’s kitchen, the mother and daughter had their first encounter. They exchanged fervent hugs, Joni Mitchell said, “It feels like I had gone away on a trip for a couple of months and I was coming home.”

Is Kelly Dale Anderson Married?

Edward Barrington was Kelly Anderson’s initial partner. When they first met, in 1979, they parted ways and went their separate ways. She later met Paul Kohler, with whom she dated for two years before they were wed in 1992. Paul works as a talent agent in Toronto. They were married for three years before divorcing in 1995.

Following their breakup, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend Edward rejoined the team, and the two would have intermittent relationships. But in 1997, the year she got back together with her mother, he finally asked her to marry him. Daisy Joan, their daughter, was born in 1999 after Kelly fell pregnant in 1998.

Marital Status Married
Spouse Edward Barrington
Father Brad MacMath
Mother Joni Mitchell
Siblings None
Children Daisy Joan


 What is Kelly’s Current Relationship with Her Mother Like?

Although the specifics of their current partnership are unclear, there is no evidence that they have ever been legally wed. In addition, Kelly Anderson has a son named Marlin who she had with someone else, but that person’s identity is unknown.

Sadly, the excitement of the mother and daughter’s reunion was short-lived. Kelly and Joni didn’t enjoy a healthy relationship for very long since they frequently quarreled. The singer claimed that her daughter had issues related to being abandoned, which later impacted their relationship.

Kelly Anderson’s Controversies

Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson and Joni Mitchell

Kelly apparently phoned the police for assistance in January 2000 after Mitchell allegedly slapped her during an altercation. It is difficult to determine with certainty how their relationship is doing right now because the two appear to have been keeping their private lives considerably quieter.

When Kelly was a young girl, she started modeling, and in November 1983, she was featured on the cover of the magazine Chatelaine. Yet, it’s not apparent what she works for a living at the moment. Even though Kelly Anderson isn’t really active on any of them, she is visible on a few social networking platforms.

Although she has an Instagram account, it is private. She also has accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but she rarely publishes anything there.

Height In Feet: 5 Feet 6 Inch
In Meters: 1.68 M
In Centimeters: 168 Cm
Weight In Kilograms: 68 Kg  
In Pounds: 150 Lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Instagram Visit
Facebook Visit
Twitter Visit

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