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anatoly powerlifter

Vladimir Shmondenko | Anatoly Powerlifter

Anatoly Powerlifter real name is Vladimir Shmondenko. He is considered the Borat of gym pranks. If you are a fitness-conscious person then you must have seen him on the social media platform. He is an ordinary team janitor who is best known because of his gym name Anatoly Powerlifter. So, let’s start to know more other facts regarding his personal and professional life. So, let’s start.

anatoly powerlifter Wikipedia

anatoly powerlifter Wikipedia

Anatoly Powerlifter Wikipedia :

Biographical Information
Full Name Vladimir Shmondenko
Known As Anatoly Powerlifter
Date of Birth August 10, 1999
Age (as of 2024) 25 years
Place of Birth Krishtopovka Village, Cherkasy
Education Bachelor’s degree from the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, Kyiv
Occupation Bodybuilder, YouTuber
Height 171 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 78 kg (171 lbs)
Notable Achievements – 3rd place in the Ukraine Teen 18 to 19 category at the 2018 GPA World Championships
YouTube Subscribers 1.94 million
Signature Prank Cleaner Gym Prank
Training Focus Functional strength development
Relationship Status Dating Valeria, a model
Valeria’s Instagram Followers 68,000

Anatoly Powerlifter was born on Tuesday 10th August 1999 in Krishtopovka Village of Cherkasy. If we talk about Anatoly Powerlifter’s age then he is 25 years old as of 2024. He completed his early education from there and later pursued his degree of Bachelor’s at the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Anatoly Powerlifter is a famous bodybuilder and YouTuber who became famous for his gym antics. He officially started his weightlifting process in 2016 and since has created his gym. He was born on a cattle farm near the tiny village of Krishtopovka.  The most fascinating thing about his gym career is that he created his gym by using bricks and wood.

Anatoly Powerlifter started his career journey as a weightlifter.  He started his YouTube channel in Russian language and gained 1.94 million subscribers. In the Ukraine Teen 18 to 19 category, he took the 3rd book position at the 2018 GPA World Championships.

Anatoly Powerlifter Height :

Anatoly Powerlifter is the new and latest internet sensation in the fitness fair he is considered the machine with only 171 Ibs. This means Anatoly Powerlifter’s weight is 78kg. He is the one who has trained himself based on strength, not size. 

The Cleaner Gym Prank :

Anatoly Powerlifter is best known for his cleaner gym prank where he addressed himself as a cleaner and asked others if he could try the square with the same weight as guys double his size. And every person becomes astonished that he does it with so much ease and comfort. 

Moreover, if we talk about his career and successful journey he is not only a prankster but also a real powerlifter and that is why his videos or 100% authentic.  Let’s have a look at the health regards on open powerlifting organizations.

Squats: 462 Ibs (210 kg)

Deadlift: 639 Ibs ( 290)

How Can Anatoly Be So Powerful?

Standard training routines need to be more for Anatoly. He holds personal deadlift records of 290 kilograms (639 tons) and a Squat record personal best of 210 kg (462 lbs), which demonstrates his extraordinary strength. While others focus on bulking up, his focus lies on functional strength development rather than simply adding pounds.

He has perfected the art of using technique to its full potential and has developed extraordinary lifts that defy convention. This workout routine stands as proof of his creativity and commitment to strength training. Anatoly hasn’t shared his training routine online yet in case he does you’ll know exactly where you can find it.

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Vladimir Shmondenko Wife :

Vladimir is currently dating a model known as Valeria who works at his company.

She currently has 68,000 people following her on Instagram and she frequently shares posts of the couple’s fitness routine and luxurious lifestyle both in Dubai and Bali.

Valeria also posts updates of her plastic surgery journey and intimate photos from when she and Vladimir shared intimate time sleeping together.


How did Anatoly Powerlifter gain recognition as both a bodybuilder and a YouTuber?

Anatoly became known for his humorous gym antics, particularly his popular “cleaner gym trick”, as well as for his YouTube channel that displays both exercises and humor.

Q: What are Anatoly Powerlifter’s most notable achievements with weightlifting?

Anatoly achieved third place in the Ukraine Youth 18 to 19 class at the 2017 GPA World Championships, demonstrating his expertise in lifting weights.

Q: What sets Anatoly Powerlifter apart from other bodybuilders?

Anatoly stands out from traditional strength training methods with his focus on functional strength over bulking up. His method and dedication to strengthening training make a marked change from conventional approaches.

Q: How did Anatoly start up a gym of his own?

Anatoly used brakes and wood to build his gym, showing his dedication and perseverance towards meeting his fitness goals.

Q: Who is Anatoly Powerlifter currently dating?

Anatoly and Valeria Model are an adorable couple, who use Instagram to showcase their fitness regimen, luxurious lifestyle, plastic surgery journey, and intimate photos for over 68,000 followers to view.


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