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If you are following a Christian diet then you must know about the creator of this program who is none other than Gwen Shamblin. She is the pastor of Fellowship Church in Tennessee, USA. She married David Shamblin in 1978 but their matrimonial relationships ended in 2018.

The relationship of David Shamblin and Gwen Shamblin became a reason for David’s success. 

What is more about his personal life and is David Shamblin still alive? What happened with his ex-wife who is the author of Weight Loose Diet Gwen Shamblin?  So let’s start now because today we are going to cover everything you need to know if you are also in confusion whether David died in a plane crash or his Ex-wife.

So keep reading to get the exact information. 

Where is David Shamblin now?

Where Is David Shamblin Now

Where Is David Shamblin Now

David got immense publicity because of being the first husband of the late Gwen Shamblin. Although his efforts and struggles are unknown he is just famous because of his belongings with Late Gwen Shamblin the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church.

David Shamblin is renowned because of Gwen Shamblin. David Shamblin now prefers to stay out from social media platforms. David Shamblin attended the legacy friendship charge of his ex-wife. They both established Weigh down Legacy Studio levers together. 

Category Details
Full Name David Shamblin
Date of Birth Not provided
Age 66 years old
Marital Status Divorced (married Gwen Shamblin in 1978, divorced in 2018)
Children 2 – Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah
Grandchildren 8
Occupation Previous CEO of Remnant Fellowship Church (unverified)
Net Worth Approximately $10 million
Social Media Presence Prefers to stay away from social media
Current Status Uncertain, no exact information about his current whereabouts
Notable Facts – Renowned as the ex-husband of Gwen Shamblin
– Often seen smoking cigars with friends
– David Shamblin’s obituary news was a famous rumor
– Remnant Fellowship Church is now under their kids after Gwen Shamblin’s death

But according to some media reports, he is now enjoying his secretive life. He stays away from social media after his divorce from Gwen Shamblin.  Although there is no exact information about where David Shamblin is now? But according to remarks the plane crashed and more than 6 passengers died.  

There is also a rumor that he who had been CEO of the organization is no more but in reality it’s about Gwen Shamblin. He wrote his ex-obituary once because Gwen and her husband Joe were ‘believed dead ‘because their plane once hit the Percy Bishop. 

But his wife Gwen Shamblin indeed married an American actor Joe after the separation from David. People also often ask Did Gwen Shamblin and David Shamblin have kids? So, the answer is yes, both have two children, Michael Shamblin, and Elizabeth Hannah.

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David Shamblin Obituary

David Shamblin Obituary

David Shamblin Obituary

If we talk about David Shamblin’s Obituary then it’s a famous rumor that the plane crash caused the death of David. But it was not David himself but his ex-wife. There is a bit of confusion about David Shamblin’s Obituary.  In May, 19, 2023. It’s a common belief that he was a humble and great man. 

He used to live with his small criteria of life. He is often seen with a Cigar in his friends. His lifestyle was simple yet elegant. And no doubt that David Shamblin’s Obituary shocked the world because he was a very dedicated, intelligent person who was a man of religious conviction. 

He was such a nice person who has spent all his life with joy and pleasure. Moreover, he was much closer to his wife and the best friends of his two kids, Micheal Shamblin, and Elizabeth Hannah. He also has 8 grandchildren who are close to his heart. 

Is David Shamblin still alive?

Is David Shamblin Still Alive

Is David Shamblin Still Alive

Well, according to some media reports, he is still alive. Although the weight-loss author expert, and founder of Remnant Folloship Church in Brentwood, Gwen Shamblin is no more. She died in a plane crash on 29, May, 2021.

The most shocking and sad news is that her recent husband Joe who was an American actor also among the dead person.  If we talk about David Shamblin today then he is still mostly unknown. There is no exact news about is David Shamblin still alive or not.

5 Interesting facts about David Shamblin

  • David’s age is 66 years old.
  • He is the ex-husband of the most renowned author Gwen Shamblin. 
  •  He is often seen with his friends while smoking cigars. 
  • He usually prefers to stay away from social media presence.
  • It is a major rumor that David Shamblin is no more but the shocking fact is that it was his ex-wife who died in a plane crash.
  • David’s net worth is approximately $10 million.
  • David’s obituary news hit the social media. 
  • Remnant Fellowship Church which was the reason for their fame is now under their kids after the death of Gwen Shamblin.


Who is Gwen Shamblin?

She is the dietician and author of Gwen Shamblin Lara. She hails from the United States.

What is Gwen Shamblin’s nickname?

Gwen’s nickname is Gwen and she is a famous Dietician. 

When was Gwen Shamblin born?

She was born on the 18th of February 1955 and is 66 years old.   

What is Gwen Shamblin’s age?

Gwen’s age is 67 years (as of 2024).

Where did Gwen Shamblin study?

She went to the University of Tennessee and Memphis State University.

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