James Khuri- E-Commerce Real Estate Businessman

James Khuri

E-commerce has become the driving force to establish your business no matter what is your business niche, if you have potential and knowledge, you can earn 6-8 figures through e-commerce businesses. However, James Khuri has accomplished something extraordinary and is reportedly making more than eight figures from his e-commerce real estate business. So, who is this businessman, and what is the story behind his success story?

In this article, you will learn how he is making more than 8 figures through his business and what is his story.

Profile Summary of James Khuri

Name James Khuri
Profession Entrepreneur
Age 45 years
Date of Birth 26th December 1977
Birth Place Los Angeles, America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Instagram Visit

Who is James Khuri?

James Khuri

James Khuri

Due to his fortune, American billionaire James Khuri has stayed in the public eye. His enormous riches are said to have been made possible by his strong sense of innovation. 

The CEO of FJ Holdings, a business that sells trading cards to businesses like Pokemon, is James Khuri. He serves as the CEO of FJ Holdings, a distributor with one of its customers being the online retailer Amazon. Trading cards and accessories are sold there. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards have all been made available by James Khuri’s company.

He has a sister called Jane and was born on Boxing Day in 1977 in Los Angeles to Umaya and Fuad J. Khuri. He is now counting down the days before his 44th birthday. The businessman received his MBA at Rochester, New York’s Simon School of Business, where he also attended. The businessman, meanwhile, hasn’t said much about his background.

Nationality of James Khuri

He is American and currently resides in Los Angeles. As a realtor, fans expect his home to be grand, and James Khuri house is a true reflection of luxury.

What does James Khuri do for a living?

He is a seasoned businessman and the CEO of Khuri Enterprises’ parent company, FJ Holdings. He began working in real estate in 2001, where he now lives. After a while, he began to expand into e-commerce production and distribution after seeing an opportunity.

When the e-commerce market reached its pinnacle, he was overjoyed since it meant more money for him. Currently, James Khuri owns four real estate firms and five manufacturing and distribution businesses. By the age of 27, James had amassed $100 million in revenue with only one of his firms, according to a 2020 Forbes article.

He also said that he was developing a cutting-edge fulfillment service to compete with Amazon. He was dubbed a serial entrepreneur by Forbes.

Net Worth of James Khuri 

Despite being so forthcoming about his businesses, he is yet to disclose his net worth. However, judging from the fact that one of his businesses made $100 million, fans believe his net worth is pretty high.

Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $100 Million Approx.
Monthly Income None

Children of James Khuri

James Khuri

James Khuri wife and son

The businessman James Khuri wife is Christine Khuri-Roderick, a personal trainer. Sadly, their relationship did not work out, and they eventually parted ways. James Khuri son’s name is Brendan, and the son is their only child together.

Marital Status Divorced
James Khuri Wife Christine Khuri-Roderick
Father Fuad J. Khuri
Mother Umaya Khuri
Sister Jane Khuri
James Khuri Son Brendan Khuri

What Happened to James Khuri Son?

His son Brendan was detained on February 17th, 2020, after crashing the $517,000 Lamborghini that his father had given him for his birthday. When the Lamborghini struck Monique Munoz’s Lexus car as she was on her way home from work, he was at the wheel.

Unfortunately, Monique passed away, and Brendan needed medical attention for minor wounds. Brendan was detained after the collision and given a nine-month prison term for vehicular manslaughter. 

During his trial in Inglewood Juvenile Court, the tearful adolescent pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Khuri had previously declared through an Instagram post that, if Munoz’s family approved, he would help them in any way he could. But he’s been roundly criticized for giving his kid a sports automobile before he was old enough to drive.

Was James Khuri Son Sentenced?

James Khuri

James Khuri son car crash and the girl who was killed

Reports about his nine-month imprisonment for his part in the horrific accident that claimed Monique’s life went viral months after the tragedy. After presenting evidence that Brendan had been diagnosed with autism, depression, and attention deficit disorder, the judge agreed with his attorneys.

The juvenile’s punishment angered the prosecution because they believed it was unjust given his history of committing similar tragic crimes. 


Like his son, this businessman has drawn attention to creating a tragic tragedy that claimed a life. He was a party to the accident that claimed the life of Ena Begovic, a Croatian actress.

Forbes has referred to successful American businessman James as a serial entrepreneur. He began in the real estate industry before moving on to manufacturing and distribution. Despite securing his place in history as an entrepreneur, he has been embroiled in a number of issues, such as the current vehicular manslaughter case involving his son.

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