Lacey Fletcher: An Autistic Girl Found ‘Decomposed’ Into The Couch At Home Due To Severe Neglect

Lacey Fletcher

On January 3, 2022, Lacey Fletcher, 36, a Locked-in Syndrome sufferer, was discovered dead at her parents’ Slaughter home. Authorities discovered her lifeless body “melted” into the couch, malnourished, and covered with bodily fluids and feces.

According to the most recent rumors, Sheila and Clay Fletcher, the parents of Lacey Fletcher will probably be accused of second-degree murder and manslaughter in relation to their daughter’s passing. Sam D’Aquilla, the district attorney for East Feliciana Parish, told NOLA that Fletcher’s death was most likely caused by “severe chronic neglect” after he presumably endured years of suffering.

In the hole torn through the upholstery and foam padding, Lacey Fletcher had her feet crossed under her and firmly planted. Stool and urine were in the hole. Her underside was covered in severe sores, and pictures of her showed that she was bone-rotten.

Dr. Ewell Dewitt Bickham III, the coroner for East Feliciana Parish, determined that Lacey Fletcher’s death was a homicide and that “at least a decade of medical neglect” was to blame for her demise.

Lacey Fletcher

The couch on which Lacey Fletcher sat for almost 12 years!

According to attorney D’Aquilla, the parents of Lacey Fletcher were “adamant” that their daughter was “of sound mind to make her own type of decisions.”

The concern on everyone’s mind is, “How could they be caretakers living in the house with her and have her get in a condition like that?” he continued, referring to the parent’s capacity to serve as the primary caregivers of Lacey Fletcher. It is brutal to the weak. We cannot simply ignore it.

D’Aquilla is requesting indictments against Sheila and Clay despite the fact that Fletcher’s parents have not yet been charged with a crime or detained.

Locked-in Syndrome Explained

When a section of the brainstem is injured, an uncommon and deadly neurological disease called locked-in syndrome (LIS) develops. The Cleveland Clinic states that the illness is characterized by the paralysis of voluntary muscles, with the exception of those that regulate vertical eye movements (up and down).

Although total paralysis is a common symptom of LiS, patients often retain awareness and their usual cognitive ability. Most people with LiS are able to communicate through eye movements and enjoy fulfilling lives.

They cannot consciously speak, move, chew, swallow, or show facial expressions. They can converse with others by using assistive devices.

People with LiS are bedridden and entirely dependent on others for care. Physical paralysis notwithstanding, cognitive function is unaffected. Additionally, they have the ability to communicate with their eyes and understand others when spoken to or read to.

People who have LiS can hear, see, and have preserved sleep-wake cycles in addition to being completely attentive and aware of their surroundings. They also initially go into a comatose state, awaken, stay paralyzed, and are unable to talk.

The main cause of Locked-in Syndrome is harm to the pons, a particular region of the brainstem. Pons typically house significant neural connections between the cerebellum, spinal cord, and brain.

However, locked-in syndrome disrupts all of the motor fibers that are flowing throughout the body, from the spinal cord to the muscles.

The illness also harms the brainstem regions necessary for speaking and controlling one’s face. According to the Rare Disease Organization, pons are typically harmed when tissue is lost as a result of an infarct, a hemorrhage, or (less frequently) trauma.

Lacey Fletcher

Lacey Fletcher spent 12 years sitting on this couch!

Locked-in syndrome can also result from tumors, infections of the brain, myelin loss, inflammation of the nerves (polymyositis), and diseases including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (ALS).

According to reports, supportive therapy, exploratory therapies, and communication training are used to treat locked-in syndrome.

How was Lacey Fletcher found?

On January 3, 2022, Lacey Fletcher’s body was discovered inside a hole in her parent’s living room couch.

When Fletcher’s mother Sheila dialed 911 that morning, the responding policemen found the “horrific” situation at the location. The woman was found to be barely 96 pounds, according to the authorities, who spoke to NOLA.

Her body was crossed, and her feet were buried well into the couch’s hole. Stools, pee, and other human fluids were also soaked into the foam cushioning on the sofa. Additionally, authorities discovered “rotten to the bone” terrible sores on her bottom.

Final Verdict

Lacey Fletcher

Parents of Lacey Fletcher

The claim of Mr and Ms, Fletcher about the autonomy of Lacey Fletcher is baseless because she was already suffering from autism and later developed Locked syndrome. So, they should be charged with a homicide case and they should be given exemplary punishment so later no girl could face such humility.

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