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Pamela Frank Belafonte

When it comes to the most power-packed couples of all time in America, the names of Harry Belafonte and Pamela Frank are always included in the list. Harry Belafonte was an iconic singer and is most popularly known as the civil rights activist who passed on 25 April 2023 at the age of 96 years. He is loved and remembered by many people, but the love of his wife Pamela Frank and his 4 kids is unimaginable. Pamela Frank is known as the affiliation of singer and civil rights activist; she was also a successful photographer in her field. 

In this site article, we will cover all the interesting facts about Pamela Frank and her relationship with her husband Harry Belafonte.

Pamela Frank Belafonte Wikipedia

Pamela Frank Belafonte Wikipedia

Pamela Frank Belafonte Wikipedia

Pamela was born on Apple in 1944 in the United States. She is currently 80 years old. There is not much noun about her but it is confirmed that she had a successful profession as a professional Pamela Frank photographer before she met Harry. Even after his marriage to one of the most iconic singers in American history, she continued her profession and kept capturing beautiful moments from nature and her family.

She was Harry’s third and final wife. However, it is a bitter reality That together, they didn’t have any children, but they were close with Harry’s grandchildren. It also confirms that their relationship was loving, and Pamela was on Harry Bella Fonte’s side until he passed away peacefully. 

Category Details
Name Pamela Frank
Birthdate April 2, 1944, in the United States
Best Known As Wife of Harry Belafonte
Age 96 years old as of 2023
Nationality American
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Parents Not mentioned
Siblings Not Known
Spouse Harry Belafonte
Children Gina Belafonte and David Belafonte (step-kids)
Occupation Iconic singer and civil rights activist
Net Worth (2023) $1 million USD approx.

Pamela’s marriage to Harry Belafonte

She tried the not with the famous singer on June 8 2018 a private ceremony in New York City. The couple met through a mutual friend and it is not clear when and where they fell in love. It is also interesting to say that he was 81 years old at the time of his marriage while Pamela was 60 years old. Despite the age difference the couple appear to be replay in love and supported each Other till Harry’s death. 

Pamela Frank Belafonte Marrige

Pamela Frank Belafonte Marrige

Pamela Frank Children

Also, Pamela doesn’t have any biological child with Harry Belafonte, but she loved Hary’s children like her own. She becomes stepmother to Harry Belafonte’s children: 

  1. Gina Belafonte
  2. David Belafonte

Gina was born on September 2959 and David was born on 8 November 1960. Both for raised by Harry and Julie during their 47-year marriage. Unfortunately, both Harry and Jeri won each other in 2004, and then Harry married Pamela in 2008. At that time, David and Gina were already adults enough to take care of their affairs.

Pamela’s Life with Harry Belafonte

Harry and Pamela Franken joined a long and Happy marriage till Harris’s death. They were often seen at public events together and Frank was always by the side of Pamela, smiling like a beautiful child and always loving her like his first love. Harry Bella Pondy also credited Pamela Frank for helping him through some of the toughest times in his life. He also stated that she helped him in his battle with prostate cancer.

Harry Bella Fountain was an electronic singer in the music industry, but his personal life was something that attracted the attention of many people. He indeed married three women in his life but his love for Pamela Frank was unimaginable. 

 Facts about Pamela Frank :

Pamela Frank is the third and last wife of the iconic American singer and civil rights activist.

Pamela Frank is a famous photographer who was a star in her career before marrying Harry.

She is the stepmother of the children of Harry’s first two wives.

She helped Harry a lot in the time of his prostate cancer.

She got married to Harry Belafonte in April 2008.

Interesting Facts about Pamela Frank

Interesting Facts about Pamela Frank


Who is Pamela Belafonte?

She is the third and last wife of Harry Frank Belafonte. She was he photographer in her prime tme but then she met Harry Belafonte with the reference of a friend and both fell in love.

Who is Pamela Frank married to?

She was married to Harry Belafonte and she is the photographer who earned a big name in the industry due to her modelling photography.

Is Harry Belafonte still married to Pamela Frank?

Yes, she is still married to Harry Belafonte even though Harry is no longer alive.

Who was Harry Belafonte’s first wife?

Harry married his first wife, Marguerite Byrd. Their marriage lasted from 1948 to 1957. Adrienne and Shari, the former couple’s two kids, were born during their marriage.

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